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This app no longer functions - it fails to access photos from photo library

This app is intended to work by accessing photos from the photo library and allowing you to edit meta data and search on it. It repeatedly failed to load photos from albums by recognizing none or a handful of photos. Having not been updated in a year maybe this is part of the problem. Now I have to hassle to get refunded. The app shouldn’t be available for purchase.


Multifunctional image management with a learning curve. Would have enjoyed the app more, for the price, if it copied the iPad camera roll instead of just mirroring it. Then the images on the iPad/Phone could have been erased with the fully functional images housed within the Photoshack app for further archiving or post processing. However, it is what it is. I used to use PhotoManager Pro but that has been "updated" by the developer and had several problems that may or may not be resolved. Had several questions for PhotoShack developer but never received an answer. Tried reaching them through their online site and through mobile app. Even the native support format within the app stopped working. They claim on their website to offer the best app support in the business. That was not my experience.

Great app to edit photo metadata

I cannot find a better app to edit IPTC metadata on ipad. It is a great, subscription- free alternative to Adobe Lightroom. I can rate photos, edit titles, add description, geotag. Great!

Best photo app for displaying, editing, organizing

I have been searching for an app that would replace or exceed iPhoto in functionality and performance. Sadly, Apple made some changes to Photos in version iOS 7 and continued with those changes in IOS 8. Though it seems minimal, to a photographer, it is blazingly obvious that you should not have a white background for your photos. Photos should always be presented against a grey to black background. The reason for this is that the observer's eye will respond to the excessive white or bright background-- the pupil will slightly close. This diminishes the experience of the photo, and the colors of the image you wish to see will not be fully appreciated. The developers of Photography software such as Aperture and LightRoom understand this, and the backgrounds behind the photos are always a neutral dark. Consequently, I was using iPhoto on my iPad, as at least the interface was more conducive to viewing photos than Apples Photos. But when Apply disabled iPhoto for iOS 8, I was left with trying to find a decent substitute. Photo Shack 2 satisfies some of my needs and more. If you are looking for a good substitute for iPhotos, be sure to check out Photo Shack 2. If offers more organization capability than iPhoto did, and is more powerful in many ways. It may seem expensive, but when looking exhaustively for a good replacement, it was worth the money to me. I am an amateur photographer, and I like to carry a large selection of my photos with me. I like to be able to search and find anything I want quickly, and display them smartly. Photo Shack has some great Slideshow capabilities as well. Additionally, the AirPlay is a snap, so easily displaying on larger screens is a nice feature. Granted, the learning curve is a bit strong, but there is documentation included in the app, which makes it much easier. My only complaint is that the developers have fallen into the new trend of going with the less obvious icons for that "minimalist" design. I would rather have icons and/or commands that clearly indicate functionality. But that is my gripe with Apple, too. Photo Shack 2 is now my go-to app for photos. Apple needs to take some notice of this application. They could learn a thing or two.

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